Sunday, December 25, 2005

Smile, you're being filmed!

Have you tried google's new toy, google earth? I just installed it and once again, google smashes hard with a tool that is indeed not very useful but yet very impressive. It allows you to visualize satellite images in 3 dimensions all around the globe and also offers an option to fly in 3D from one place to another. The demo for instance takes you to the grand canyon, the eiffel tower, etc...

Nice, I love to travel!

The level of detail is astounding... hmm, there aren't many cars on google's parking lot today, maybe they're celebrating the release of their new tool:

In any case, if this amuses you as much as it amuses me, here it is:

And of course, you've got to wonder: if the general public has free access today to such level of detail, what do the "officials" have access to? So, smile while you're looking through your window. And come on, fix your hair, it doesn't look serious, especially if you're waiting for your green card!


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